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Standards and regulations


  • Associations Accounting Plan Download
  • Property Accounting Plan (2004) Download
  • Stock exchange companies Accounting PlanDownload
  • Obligations comptables des commerçants : Download
  • General Code of Accounting Standards Download


  • The finance law 2011_fr Download
  • The finance law 2011_ar Download
  • Maximum rate of interest deductible from partners’ current accounts 2010_BO_Fr Download
  • Law on the taxation of local authorities_frDownload
  • Law on the taxation of local authorities_ar Download
  • Income Tax Reassessment Coefficient for Property Profits for the Year 2010Download
  • General Tax CodeDownload


  • Moroccan Labor Code Download
  • Circular note the contribution base CNSS Download


  • Competition Law Download
  • Law 08-05_ arbitration and conventional mediation Download
  • Moroccan Commercial Code Download


  • Trade code Download
  • Act-5-96- collective name companies, the limited partnershipDownload
  • Law-N-34-03-Relating to Credit Institutions Download
  • Law-n-17-95-relating to anonymous companies Download
  • Law-N-13-97-on Economic Interest Groupings Download
  • Law-N-06-99-on freedom of prices and competitionDownload
  • The dahir relating to the leasesDownload